Monday, May 2, 2011

Photo turns out fake, is dated 2009


An image started circulating soon after news came of Osama bin Laden’s death purporting to be that of the shot al-Qaeda chief. However, a few hours later, it was exposed on Twitter that the photograph of a bearded man with a bloodied and bruised face, posted on many websites and shown on TV channels, was fake.

According to The Guardian, the image was actually first published by Middle East news website back in April 2009, alongside a warning that its authenticity had not been confirmed.

The image is believed to actually be a composite of two other photographs, with one being a genuine portrait of Osama taken in 1998.

US officials have said that the al-Qaeda leader was buried at sea, but the lack of an official photo of bin Laden’s body has led to a variety of conspiracy theories about whether the US actually got their man or not.

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