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Delhi artist paints Arundhati in the nude

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Delhi artist paints Arundhati in the nude

By: Shashank Shekhar and Amit Singh

Puts her in bed with Osama and chairman Mao. Says it's his way of protesting against the Booker-winning author for supporting Naxals and Kashmiri separatists

These strokes are enough to give conventionalists a stroke. A naked Arundhati Roy caresses herself as she enjoys a threesome with the two blood thirsty figures of history, Mao and Osama bin Laden, and a voyeur-loving skull looks over their shoulder.

t Pranava Prakash with his painting. Pic/Mid Day

Artist Pranava Prakash's 'Goddess of Fifteen Minutes of Fame' sure promises him more than that, as the painter, who was last in news for his controversial nude painting of MF Husain, this time takes on the case of the activist-author as fearlessly as his subject herself.

"Arundhati represents all the intellectuals who are selfless promoters of all sorts of causes which can give them publicity. They are dancing to the tune of publicity as a hungry monkey dances to the tune of its master for a banana," explains the painter. He goes on to reason why communist leader Mao and Taliban mastermind Laden needed to be in bed with her: "Arundhati was seen supporting ruthless Naxalites in their war against innocent Indian citizens and then she was hobnobbing with merciless Kashmiri killers who were remorseless in their act."

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